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This site promotes an all-inclusive belief system which acknowledges that Infinite Intelligence is beyond human comprehension and our individual and collective beliefs create our representations of God.

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Something remarkable has been happening in my life since beginning to put up this site's contents in late November 2016. My meditations are deeper. It is far easier to manage ego-mind. Being unconditionally happy requires less intentional practice and just comes naturally.

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Apr 24, 2017

ACIM or A Course in Miracles is an Important Spiritual Work

Dictated by Christ or not, ACIM or A Course in Miracles is an important spiritual work

Continue reading "ACIM or A Course in Miracles is an Important Spiritual Work"

Apr 20, 2017

Your God-Self is Your One Holy Source and Your True Guru May Offer You Insights Which Facilitate Your Experience of God-Self Recognition.

Continue reading "Your God-Self is Your One Holy Source and Your True Guru"

Apr 13, 2017

How to Worship God is for You to Decide.

How to Worship God is Your Decision. All Paths Lead To God-Self Recognition.

Continue reading "How to Worship God is for You to Decide."

Apr 13, 2017

God-Self Recognition is Your Reason for Your Spiritual Practice

You Become More Aware of Your God-Self Through Your Spiritual or Meditation Practice

Continue reading "God-Self Recognition is Your Reason for Your Spiritual Practice "

Apr 13, 2017

Goal Setting Works Be Careful

Goal Setting Works Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Might Get It

Continue reading "Goal Setting Works Be Careful "

Apr 13, 2017

Fear is a Powerful Ego-Mind Tool

Fear can be an important survival tool and very inhibiting to spiritual growth

Continue reading "Fear is a Powerful Ego-Mind Tool"

Apr 13, 2017

Our Belief Systems Create Our Experiences

Our Belief Systems Create Our Experiences

Continue reading "Our Belief Systems Create Our Experiences"

Apr 13, 2017

The Law of Attraction Works

Believing in The Law of Attraction is Like Believing in Gravity

Continue reading "The Law of Attraction Works "

Mar 16, 2017

The Origins of This Site

The origins of this site and How it came to be.

Continue reading "The Origins of This Site"

Mar 15, 2017

The Mission

This Site's Mission

Continue reading "The Mission"

Feb 10, 2017

My Path

Cosmic Understanding I am a Starchild. We are all disciples of the stars, our atoms forged in the stellar furnaces of long dead suns. This simple truth

Continue reading "My Path"

Feb 07, 2017

Karma is a Worldly Illusion

Karma is not just a good idea, it's the law.

Continue reading "Karma is a Worldly Illusion"

Feb 06, 2017

Contribute Your Ideas

Be the Bulb. You Can Contribute Your Ideas About Spirituality.

Continue reading "Contribute Your Ideas"

Feb 02, 2017

Masterminding and Meditating

Masterminding and Meditating Can Go Well Together

Continue reading "Masterminding and Meditating "

Jan 31, 2017

My Beliefs are All-Inclusive

Beliefs Determine Our Experiences and Perceptions

Continue reading "My Beliefs are All-Inclusive"

Jan 29, 2017

Groupthink Behavior Often Results In Negative Outcomes

Humans in Groups Engage In Groupthink Behavior Which Frequently Leads to Negative Outcomes

Continue reading "Groupthink Behavior Often Results In Negative Outcomes"

Jan 08, 2017

Practicing Mindfulness is Simple and Not Easy

Practicing Mindfulness is Simple and Not Easy

Continue reading "Practicing Mindfulness is Simple and Not Easy"

Jan 07, 2017

Reincarnation is as "Real" as Anything Else Around Here

Reincarnation is Mostly a Distraction

Continue reading "Reincarnation is as "Real" as Anything Else Around Here"

Jan 07, 2017

Lotus Blossom

You have Permission to Download this Beautiful Lotus Blossom Picture and Do With As You Wish

Continue reading "Lotus Blossom"

Jan 04, 2017

Unconditional Happiness Takes Practice

Preconditions Prevent the Experience of Unconditional Happiness

Continue reading "Unconditional Happiness Takes Practice"

Jan 02, 2017

Pranayama is a Yoga Breathing Practice

Pranayama is a yoga breathing practice which promotes healthy breathing.

Continue reading "Pranayama is a Yoga Breathing Practice"

Jan 01, 2017

Namaste is a Way of Acknowledging Universal Divinity

Namaste is a way to acknowledge Universal Divinity

Continue reading "Namaste is a Way of Acknowledging Universal Divinity"

Dec 23, 2016

Practice Compassion

Practicing Compassion Improves Our Collective Experience of the World

Continue reading "Practice Compassion"

You're welcome to download the lotus blossom picture below as a larger file, which is just under one megabyte. Click here to get it for your Self. May it facilitate you in your spiritual journey. Namaste.

Most believers need to believe their beliefs are the best or in some systems, the only beliefs which are "real."

None of the stuff we believe in is "real" in the ultimate sense.

The nondual entity called God and Its extensions are the only reality.

Everything we see and believe in is a representation, including defined representations of God..

All individual and collective representations of God and religious constructs are products of individual and collective belief.

Belief is a fundamental force.

Defining and sharing your beliefs here will broaden and deepen your beliefs and the beliefs of the people who read your submissions.

There is a growing percentage of the world's population that claims to be spiritual and not religious. This site is targeted particularly toward this particular group of believers. 

In the U.S.A. about 20% of the population claims to have no religion. These folks are referred to as the  "nones" which from my point of view is misleading.

Everyone has beliefs and values which determine their experiences. We should make an effort to channel the beliefs of the "nones" with a positive and unifying belief system that is all-inclusive.

Pantheism is not a new concept and the time has come to fully embrace it in all its ramifications.