Masterminding and Meditating

Napoleon Hill, on the left, popularized masterminding.

Extremely successful people Hill interviewed over many years said that it is a key to success.

The super-successful said they regularly met, shared goals, and exchanged ideas with like-minded people and sometimes with not-so-like-minded people to facilitate successful outcomes.

Hill himself describes having imaginary meetings with historical persons he admired and said this too was masterminding. 

Sri Yukteswar, on the right pictured above, was Paramahansa Yogananda's guru and an extremely enlightened person. Google him and get some of his books if you like.

Sri Yukteswar wrote about Christian scripture in the most clear-thinking and profound way I've encountered. If you're fed up with the typical Christian Pastor's infantile interpretation of scripture but love Christ and Christianity, you need to read Sri Yukteswar's books. 

I put his image on this page because I think he deserves a lot more recognition and he looks very cool, doesn't he?

Sri Yukteswar had an ashram in India and meditated with a very advanced group of spiritual aspirants. Paramahansa Yogananda is famous for bringing the Self-Realization Fellowship to the U.S.A.

Meditation groups are kinds of religious congregations in most circumstances, even when meaning to be secular.

Mastermind groups, meditation groups, and religious congregations are using the power of collective belief.

This is especially the situation with meditation and religious groups because of their inclination to believe in metaphysical forces which influence our worldly experiences.

There is a very common risk associated with most group activities.

Masterminding and Groupthink

Even if you don't already know what it is, you have probably noticed something psychologists call groupthink.

If you don't know what groupthink is follow that link and you'll find out. You'll notice there are lots of downside risks.

Groupthink is very common, particularly in religious congregations.

If you find yourself and your cohorts being unflatteringly described in the article about groupthink, it means you're human.

I'm writing about it here because I want you to know about groupthink and the way groups get easily caught up in behavior patterns leading to unfortunate outcomes. It can effect your mastermind group as easily as any other. You need to be aware of it.

Remember the Branch Davidian mess in Waco Texas? How about the Jim Jones mass suicide?  The Enron collapse? All these are clear examples of the perils of groupthink.

Your group could fall into an aberrant groupthink pattern if you aren't careful. It's an unavoidable issue but also can be very entertaining.

NLP and The LAB Profile

To mitigate the effects of groupthink, you may want to consider using something from neuro-linguistic programming called language and behavior profiling, or the LAB Profile. 

Shelle Rose Charvet has written about it. The LAB Profile can help you manage your group by identifying the motivation and working traits of the people you already meet with or are considering meeting with.

You will better understand the people in your group and make better decisions when forming or adding to your group.

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