Practice Compassion

Practicing compassion is part of all major religious belief systems.

The world we have created for ourselves gives us plenty of opportunities to express it, and yet many of us don't.

Charitable organizations speak about there being a condition they call compassion fatigue. It's believed this is when people have become so overwhelmed by all the suffering in the world they start filtering it out.

This condition doesn't seem to be something new. Look at what happened to the German Jews. Before the second world war they were not permitted access to the United States and other countries when it was well known they were being brutally persecuted.

Currently there is a great deal of fearful resistance associated with refugee migration, particularly Syrian refugees.

Fear of the other is at the root of this. Ego-mind is the originator of the concept of separation which leads to fearful thought patterns. These fearful thought patterns cause people to come up with all manner of excuses for non-intervention, and suffering continues.

Being gentle with ego-mind is a pretty good way to relate to it. Let ego-mind express all its fears while you observe it nonjudgmentally as your God-Self. Ask ego-mind constructive nonjudgmental questions as you would a child to dispel its fears.

This way of gently directing ego-mind nonjudgmentally gets easier with practice. You will eventually habitually self-identify with your God-Self with the use of this practice. This may make life more pleasant.

Metta Bhavana is a traditional Buddhist Meditation on Compassion

This is a very old Buddhist practice consisting of a series of affirmations. I do a meditation practice each morning which involves listening to a CD with these affirmations embedded in it along with sound waves that induce a gamma brain-wave pattern.

The National Academy of Sciences found that Buddhist monks hooked up to EEG machines had predominantly gamma brain-wave patterns when doing Metta Bhavana.

The affirmations are:

May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from suffering.

May my friends be well. May my friends be happy.

May my friends be free from suffering.

May those beings I do not know personally be well.

May those beings I do not know personally be happy.

May those beings I do not know personally be free from suffering.

May those I've thought to be enemies be well.

May those I've thought to be enemies be happy.

May those I've thought to be enemies be free from suffering.

May all sentient beings everywhere be well.

May all sentient beings everywhere be happy.

May all sentient beings everywhere be free from suffering.

I am Compassionate. I am kind. I am patient. I am loving. I am caring. I help others.

You're welcome to download the lotus blossom picture below as a larger file, which is just under one megabyte. Click here to get it for your Self. May it facilitate you in your spiritual journey. Namaste.

Most believers need to believe their beliefs are the best or in some systems, the only beliefs which are "real."

None of the stuff we believe in is "real" in the ultimate sense.

The nondual entity called God and Its extensions are the only reality.

Everything we see and believe in is a representation, including defined representations of God..

All individual and collective representations of God and religious constructs are products of individual and collective belief.

Belief is a fundamental force.

Defining and sharing your beliefs here will broaden and deepen your beliefs and the beliefs of the people who read your submissions.

There is a growing percentage of the world's population that claims to be spiritual and not religious. This site is targeted particularly toward this particular group of believers. 

In the U.S.A. about 20% of the population claims to have no religion. These folks are referred to as the  "nones" which from my point of view is misleading.

Everyone has beliefs and values which determine their experiences. We should make an effort to channel the beliefs of the "nones" with a positive and unifying belief system that is all-inclusive.

Pantheism is not a new concept and the time has come to fully embrace it in all its ramifications.