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Criticism is fine, even if you are being rude and judgmental. Actually I tend to find that sort of thing very entertaining.

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A pretty good allegorical statement in Christian scripture is about the foolishness of keeping your lamp under a bushel.

Be generous with your spiritual insights without judgment.

Share what you think you know now even knowing your ideas will evolve.

Giving and receiving are inseparable. One cannot exist without the other.

Our universe rewards generosity.

Share and you will gain new insights.

The goal is to have most of the content consisting of visitor submissions. 

It's getting off to a very slow start.

There is a growing percentage of the world's population that claims to be spiritual and not religious. This site is targeted particularly toward this particular group of believers. 

In the U.S.A. about 20% of the population claims to have no religion. These folks are referred to as the  "nones" which from my point of view is misleading.

Everyone has beliefs and values which determine their experiences. We should make an effort to channel the beliefs of the "nones" with a positive and unifying belief system that is all-inclusive.

Pantheism is not a new concept and the time has come to fully embrace it in all its ramifications.